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Shipping and Exchanges

Megaphone ships all over Europe. However, if you are in a country outside the European Union, please contact us and we will try to push our horizons. The carrier we work with is the CTT (Portugal), certainly will be the usual postman to make the delivery.


The order will be shipped the next business day after receipt/payment of the order. Receiving the customer a notification on the day of shipping with tracking to track delivery on CTT website or app.

If for some reason the shipment has to be postponed the customer will be notified.

Shipping is by mail registered by CTT. Receipt of the order requires signature of the recipient.

Usually the delivery of the order after shipping will be 1-3 working days for mainland Portugal, 3-5 for the islands and can reach 15 days for the rest of Europe.

If you do not receive your order or acknowledgment of delivery within the time limit, please contact us.

Will always be performed by the usual postman, an attempt to deliver to the delivery address. If no one is at the address, a postal notice will be left to collect at the usual CTT station.

The deadline for pick-up at CTT store is 5 working days. If the order is not placed, it will be returned to Megaphone and the return will only take place after payment by the customer of new shipping costs.

Shipping costs for National orders are free for orders over 35.00€. For the lower value will be 4€ and for the rest of Europe 9.60€.

Shipping costs for custom orders will have to be quoted.

In case of delivery failure due to error/lack of address information the customer will have to support the return shipping costs again.

Note: In about 99.9% of the cases the delivery times mentioned above are however and since we are dependent on other entities namely CTT we cannot guarantee the fulfillment of deadlines.


Megaphone has a period of 15 days for national items exchange/returns and 21 days for international orders.

In order to exchange/return the item, be it size, color, design or item, you will have to send us to our address:

Apartado 504 - EC Barcelos

4754-909 Barcelos - Portugal

Shipping charges will be borne by the customer, both when shipping to Megaphone and the new shipping costs back to the customer.

In case of exchange, the payment of the delivery costs may be made by postal order (requested at the CTT counter) or by bank transfer to our account.

The value of new shipping in case of exchange will be 4€ for domestic orders and 9.60€ for international.

Should the order be defective or not ordered, please contact us, all return and return shipping costs will be borne by us.

If the article does not live up to expectations Megaphone will refund the value of the articles..

Note: We only make exchanges/returns of articles present on the site, and articles customized by the customer will not be able to exchange or return. There will also be no exchanges/returns of articles that have marks of use or are not in proper condition.